Four Seasons Singapore: Taher Trip 2016

  Great brunch! Amazing display.

We Made It! Taher trip 2016!

We Made It!  
Taher Trip 2016: first leg complete

Taher Trip 2016: First leg complete! One more 8 hour flight to go!

First leg complete! One more 8 hour flight to go. First…
Taher Chef Council Singapore Jakarta Trip!

Follow The Taher Chef Council Trip to Singapore & Jakarta!

Come along with us, each day, as we travel through Singapore…

Healthy Learning, Healthy Eating

Third grade students in Beaver Dam elementary schools are…

Big-time chef visits Pawnee City schools and cooks up big-time treat

  The kids at Pawnee City Schools got a real treat…
A bowl of Bun Cha.

A Taste Of Vietnam at James Williams Middle School!

JWMS students sample world cuisine James Williams Middle School…

Chef Chris Murray Exposes Local Students To New Cuisines!

Your kids shouldn't only love chicken nuggets and french…