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Catering Services

When you’re planning an event, no matter how big or small, one thing is always the same: you need it to go off without a hitch. Every detail must come together with perfectly orchestrated coordination.

Which means you should never glance at the clock and wonder, “Will the caterer be here in time?”

Taher Catering Services

Taher will give you absolute peace of mind in your event’s catering service. Timing, presentation, service, and, of course, quality of the food; every aspect will be flawless.

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Your guests will enjoy appetizers and meals cooked from scratch with fresh, high-quality ingredients. From spinach dip with sourdough bread to oven-poached salmon, only the best-tasting, most nutritious foods will come across your guest’s plates.

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We’ll  work closely with you to customize your order and design the experience you want. For your convenience, we offer a variety of menu options from which you can choose, but we welcome your ideas and special requests. As part of our commitment to excellence, wellness and nutrition, we can tailor your catering event with our Simply Naturale concept, featuring natural and organic products, vegetarian options and local ingredients.

Our highly trained staff will give you the personal attention you deserve, ensuring your event, whether large or small, is a special occasion. For large functions, Taher’s corporate chefs are available to elevate your event to new level of sophistication.

Simply put, Taher is committed to giving you full confidence in your catering service — so you can turn your attention to all of the other details that will make your event memorable.


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Absolutely delicious!!!!! Thank you for spectacular food and drink yesterday. YOU and YOUR staff continue to out do yourselves. GREAT work.

Wendy S. Shannon, Ph.DSuperintendent

A BIG thank you to Chef John for his introduction to Thai for the Ethnic/Gourmet Foods class! It was a great deal of prep work-I truly appreciated it and the kids thought it was FUN! I had lots of students take the sample with them and were talking about how they loved the taste of the chicken. I even had student who aren’t in the class stop in for a sample!!!!!!!!  We are SO fortunate to have creative expertise in the building!

Julie PetersonFACS Teacher and Middle School Coordinator

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