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Fresh Seasons Café and Juice Bar

Fresh Seasons Café and Juice Bar

Students at the University of Minnesota are joining millions of Americans who are eating healthier, cleaner, and embracing the trend of juicing.

Recently Taher, Inc. opened Fresh Season’s Café & Juice Bar in the Recreation & Wellness Center of the U of M.  Our newest concept focuses on integrity of ingredients (sourcing many of our products from local partners), fresh made food with bold exciting flavors, and juice made fresh to order every single day.

Here students enjoy juices and foods without sacrificing value, quality, and convenience.

Here, students enjoy juices and foods without sacrificing value, quality, and convenience.  “Shawarma is undoubtedly my favorite item…” says Trent Taher, who lead and developed this new concept.  “The menu ranges from very healthy, to more indulgent items.”  This author is a big fan of the locally-sourced, Kramarczuk’s Brat Burger and the Heart-Healthy
Egg White Breakfast Wrap.

The new Juice Bar has taken the campus by storm, as it is the only place in Minneapolis you can find custom juice blends and a Build-Your-Own Juice Bar!  For those who are not quite ready to create their own recipe, they do offer a variety of convenient pre-bottled ready-to-go juices.  The “Professor Green” has been a crowd favorite amongst students after their workouts, thanks to its natural sugars and high beta-carotenes.

It is wonderful to be part of an organization that continues to innovate and test the limits to Nourish the Minds of the Future.