Bruce Taher

President and CEO

Bruce Taher

Born in Iran, Bruce immigrated to the U.S. alone at the age of 19. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Oklahoma, and an MBA from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. To support his studies, he took a dishwashing position at school, which ultimately led to his successful career in the hospitality industry.

In shaping his professional and personal life, Bruce has drawn on two of his strongest memories from his childhood in Iran: family and food. He believes each plays a critical role in feeding the soul. No one forgets a great meal or, for that matter, a bad one.

In 1981, Bruce founded Taher, Inc. based on these core values. More than 30 years later, Bruce still ensures Taher and its 3000-plus employees adhere to the company’s founding philosophy: every day, Taher strives to make its food unforgettable.

Bruce enjoys maintaining a hands-on approach to improving the service Taher provides. Every year, he travels with Taher’s Chef Council to a foreign country to research new foods and recipes, allowing him to get directly involved in creating fresh menu selections for his customers.

In addition to spending time eating out and experimenting in the kitchen, Bruce enjoys hunting and fishing in North America and other parts of the world. He also is an active member of the business community. He currently serves on the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and has been involved with a variety of the chamber’s initiatives, including its Business-Education Partnership Task Force, Leadership TwinWest program, and Emerging Leaders program.