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Taher’s Focus on Nutrition: Food4Life®

We’re food people. Our approach is chef-based, which means everything we do revolves around our chefs’ passion for fresh, high-quality ingredients, meals cooked from scratch, and globally inspired recipes.

It also means we’re keenly focused on nutrition.

Taher Chef CuttingWe simply couldn’t call ourselves food people if we weren’t committed to serving only the healthiest dishes. We believe good food is good for you… period. But we’re also conscious of the health crisis facing the United States. With childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions, and the onset of type 2 diabetes increasing every year, it has become every food service providers’ responsibility to scrutinize their practices and move toward healthier offerings.

Taher's FOOD4LIFE®

Taher’s Food4Life® initiative represents our commitment, in every stage of our operations, to promote our customers’ healthy diet choices.

We purchase as many products as possible from local farms and organic producers. Our experienced dietitians shape our menus according to the most progressive nutritional knowledge. Taher is the first food service management company in the nation to commit to a total elimination of trans fats from our menus.

We also give our customers the tools to make healthy choices on their own. Along with making nutritional information for the foods we serve instantly available online, we also publish  Food4Life® flyers, including tips on healthy lifestyles, environmental issues, and food trends. Since lifelong habits are formed at the K-12 and college levels, we work with school staff to incorporate nutrition into curriculum.

Because, at our core, we simply want our customers to eat what’s best — now and for life.

Taher uses its test kitchen in Plymouth to analyze new products,
nutritional content, and new recipes to ensure they meet Taher’s highest standards.
As a USDA certified facility, we continually strive to be the best food service provider in the region.

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