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Here’s a scary campfire story: there was once a camp director who hired a food service company to provide all of their camp’s meals. But, when lunchtime came, there were no barbeque bison burgers, no triple cheese baked fusilli, and not even a trace of rocket pizza.

(Cue an eerie flash of lightning and clap of thunder.)

We’ll be sure your campers fuel their activity-filled days with meals made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, cooked from scratch. We’ll give them plenty of nutritious options, without sacrificing the flavors and comfort foods they crave. We’ll also stage special events, including cookouts and festive dinners, to enrich their experience.


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Absolutely delicious!!!!! Thank you for spectacular food and drink yesterday. YOU and YOUR staff continue to out do yourselves. GREAT work.

A BIG thank you to Chef John for his introduction to Thai for the Ethnic/Gourmet Foods class! It was a great deal of prep work-I truly appreciated it and the kids thought it was FUN! I had lots of students take the sample with them and were talking about how they loved the taste of the chicken. I even had student who aren’t in the class stop in for a sample!!!!!!!!  We are SO fortunate to have creative expertise in the building!

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