Campus Cafe Delights!

By Austin Verburg

Whenever I hear the word “Cafeteria,” I cannot help but think of this terrible nightmare world called High School, and the terrible nightmare food that was served in the nightmare world.

So, when I was told that Fresno City College had a cafeteria, I was immediately deterred.

Naturally, I chose every other alternative to eat Wendy’s, Carls Jr. and Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was all fine and dandy.

One day, I found myself cut on time and unable to swing by any surrounding fast food joints.

Then, my friend Max happened to be eating a delicious looking burrito he got it from the cafeteria.

Later, I decided I would try out the cafeteria, and to my amazement, the food was great.

Everything was incredible. The menu varied with several types of food. So I started going there every day, trying out new stuff, including their awesome specials. Since then the cafeteria never left me unsatisfied.

Also, the service is friendly. Employees are always ready to assist customers. Steve Stephens, Culinary Arts Major, works at the FCC cafeteria for extra credit said, “It’s like a family environment here.”

That is when I asked myself, “are other students aware of this place?” After talking to a few people about, it seems that some students are not aware of the alternative FCC cafeteria provides.

The healthiness of the food is a great importance. TAHER Inc., the company behind the FCC cafeteria, makes sure the food they provide to the students is a healthier altnerative for them.

“We make everything fresh with the best ingredients,” said Stephens. “My boss really works hard to provide the best possible food for the students.”

Anita Handy, FCC cafeteria manager, makes sure that everything prepared is fresh.

If they make something like gravy, it is made from scratch instead of heated up from a can. Their mashed potatoes start out in their kitchen as potatoes, not out of a box. The meat they cook with is all natural, and low in sodium.

If something is fried, it is done in oil that has zero trans fats. The cupcakes that are neatly displayed are made from scratch, each and every morning.

Also, against the wall in the cafeteria there are posters that were pointed out to me, titled “Food 4 Life.”

The posters give health facts about the food at the FCC café, including the vegetables and fruit that are included in the meals that month.

“Little things like that cost us a little bit more money, but it’s worth it. At least the kids will eat something healthy,” said Handy.

The cafeteria comes up with a few special deals to continue helping students with affordable meals.

Since the FCC cafeteria is now open until 6 p.m., students that choose to eat there after 3 p.m., and spend $2.50, will get a free small drink with their meal.

If you have yet to recognize what I have learned about the FCC cafeteria, then I hope that you see what a great thing they are doing for us students. When you have realized this, I hope you give them your support as well.