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At Taher, Inc. we take pride in elevating school food service operations through our partnerships, programs and the sizzle we bring to the table.

Food is fun, it’s educational and it brings people together.


Scratch Cooking with fresh quality ingredients

From farm to fork, we prioritize top-notch ingredients and culinary expertise, ensuring every bite is a delight.

Kids in kitchen

Partnership in Business

We’re more than service providers; we’re partners in your success, working hand in hand to achieve your goals.

Asian Zing

Education Beyond the Classroom

We believe in nourishing the minds as well as bodies, using food as a tool for learning and growth.

Taher chef showing kids how to cook

Chef-Based Programs Spark Kids Curiosity

Kids eat with their eyes. We offer programs that spark kids curiosity in new foods to try and new dishes from around the world.

Turkey Piegga

Well Cared-For Staff

Integrity in ALL we do means we take care of our staff and they, in turn, take care of the kids. We understand, it’s more than the food that makes a great experience for the kids.

With Taher you’re not just choosing a food service provider; you’re embracing a legacy of integrity and excellence, – let’s add that sizzle together and turn your school into a culinary sensation!


We have been proud that Hondo is Taher’s first K-12 public school partnership in Texas. Taher has worked closely with our district partnership by listening to our requests, providing timely feedback, and quick response to any issue or concern we have. Lunch participation has increased from 50% to 75% and staff are happy. The partnership has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our students, teachers, and community

– Hondo Administrator


We finished the year well ahead of budget and put money back into the program to purchase much needed equipment!

– Clinton Superintendent


LHUSD was the first Taher contract in the State of Arizona. Taher worked with the district to develop menus that our student demographic would consume. The palates of the mid-western student population is much different than what our students look for in entrée options. Taher has increased student participation admits a declining free/reduced percentages and student enrollment.

– Lake Havasu Administrator


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