How healthy are Blake lunches?

Whole wheat, natural ingredients offer nutritious options to students

Cathryn Grothe

Contributing Writer

From three cheese tortellini to hot dogs, stuffed peppers to French toast, it is no secret that Café Blake lunches are full of different, delicious options. But the real question is: are these options healthy?

When I walk into the lunchroom I see multiple stations with different varieties of food. There is a salad bar, a sandwich station, two different hot entrees and a dessert bar. With all of this food there has to be something healthy here, right?

Café Blake does a good job of keeping meals healthy and appetizing by providing many different options so that students are bound to find something they can eat. Although some of the lunches served at Blake seem like they could be high in calories and pretty unhealthy, the reality is that Café Blake strives to create delicious meals using the most natural and healthy ingredients.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pepperoni pizza may not sound like the healthiest meal, but at Café Blake, students can choose wheat bread instead of white and pizza crust is made out of whole wheat dough which is much more healthy than anything Pizza Hut is serving.

Some students may feel like we are getting the short end of the school lunch stick when they hear that public schools serve their students McDonalds, Jimmy Johns, and Chipotle for lunch. However, the reality is that the food at Café Blake tastes just as good as those chain restaurant meals with about half of the calories.

It is up to students to make lunches as healthy, or as unhealthy, as they want them to be. When asked about lunches at Blake, Upper School Director Anne Graybeal stated, “Blake lunches are as healthy as you make them. I myself had two slices of cheeseburger pizza today whereas I could have had tortellini and a salad. But, all in all, Café Blake has more, and healthier, lunches than anywhere I have ever taught.”

It is clear that we all divulge ourselves now and then with the tasty meals Café Blake serves (even if they aren’t the healthiest option), but with such a large variety of food available, it isn’t hard to find something healthy, and tasty, to eat.

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