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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well - Virginia Woolf

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Contract Management for K-12
School Food Service
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Dining Services

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Food Service Management
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Senior Dining and Elderly
Nutrition Services


Ever since Bruce Taher started his Minnesota food service company in 1981, Taher, Inc. has maintained a matchless reputation based on the standards of quality… READ MORE


Our approach is chef-based, which means everything we do revolves around our chefs’ passion for fresh, high-quality ingredients, meals cooked… READ MORE


Food sustains us all. From a fourth grader opening a textbook to a vice president closing an important deal, we all need great food to carry us… READ MORE





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Congress May Back Off New School Lunch Standards: It's A Matter Of Taste!

Schools across the U.S. served more than 5 billion meals in the national school lunch program in 2015. Each meal has to meet federal school lunch standards rules for nutrition. Now, those rules are up for debate and changes could be coming to Nebraska cafeterias.
Chef Chris Murray

Pork Ramen – Vietnamese-style at MLPS

Taher Chef Chris Murray serves up a 'buncha' bún chả, egg rolls for MLPS students, staff Asian cuisine - bún chả, a pork ramen noodle bowl that specifically hails from Hanoi, Vietnam, located in the northern part of the country - was the featured main dish at the Friday, April 15 noon lunch for…


Best fish tacos I have ever had!
Thanks chef Gabriel.

Kelly Biar, CPADirector of Business Affairs: Houston Christian High School

Absolutely delicious!!!!! Thank you for spectacular food and drink yesterday. YOU and YOUR staff continue to out do yourselves. GREAT work.

Wendy S. Shannon, Ph.DSuperintendent

You guys are phenomenal. The quality of Taher’s food and food service is simply amazing. And, every member of the staff here at the Hopkins campus is terrific.

Joe S.

All of the food is fantastic and delicious. The only problem is trying to decide which delicious menu items one will partake on a daily basis!

Eric LerchEHS Houston
I’m amazed by the quality and consistency of the food here, and I’m always impressed by the level of service and how engaging the folks in the café are. Thank you so much!!
Mark MitchellEHS Houston

Good Morning! I want you to know how FABULOUS it has been to work with Jonathan for the two big events at school this past weekend. It has been a pleasure getting to know him and having the opportunity to work with him the past four months…

Jane AnfangMinnehaha Academy

I was so excited to see black beans in the taco bar today! Great addition. That Pam is awesome. Always so friendly and bright. She makes my day!