Chefs School

National Association of Chefs School of Cooking

The Chef Council visited the National Association of Chefs School…
Chef Trip Banner Spain Portugal

One of the Best Sights in Lisbon!

One of my favorite spots from the entire trip!! Incredible…

Madrid Hotspots

Time Out Market

Time Out Market in Lisbon, Portugal

Check out some of the awesome photos from the Chef Council's…

Lisbon Hotspots

CEO Bruce Taher at Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara

CEO Bruce Taher and Chef Adam Pearson Overlooking Lisbon

  Chef Adam Pearson and CEO Bruce Taher at the top…
Chef Trip Banner Spain Portugal

Visiting the Sights in Portugal

Visiting some of the most beautiful Portugal sights this…
Chef Trip Banner Spain Portugal

Enjoying Some Street Music

Having a relaxing afternoon listening to street music in…