Chef Brian Renz Career Fair

Chef Brian Renz talks with students at Eden Valley-Watkins Schools Career Fair

EV-W Hosts Career Fair

Written by Jean Doran Matua, Editor & Publisher

Among the presenters were Alex Neisen, Kris Kelm, Chef Brian Renz, Johan Sogge, Dr. Gary Verbovanec, Mandy Pearson, Keith Meierhofer, Seth Miller, Dionne Meehan, Jean Matua, Larry Peterson, Tom Billo, Zack Schwartz, Rich Martagon, John McCann, Jim Deadrick, Jodi Jordon, Darla Geislinger, Justine Meierhofer, Laurie Schultz, Debbie Libbesmeier, Denise Olson, Matt Stommes, Steve Thielen, Dr. Sam Haag, Lacy Hemmesch, Jessica Buer, Wendy Nissen, Deb Nistler, Beth Hesse, Tonya Skoog Hastings, Gary Olson, Chuck Geislinger, David Baker, and Ryan Haag.

The 2013 Career Fair committee worked hard to make everything look smooth and effortless.

Students signed up for four sessions, based on their personal interests. They rotated among their four choices every half hour. Presenters stayed in their assigned rooms for the two hours.

Presenters were asked to share about their training and schooling for their careers, and what a typical day on the job is like.

Students were polite, responsive, and asked lots of good questions.

A Career Fair is a wonderful way for young people to learn more about careers they may be interested in. It’s also a great way for us older folk to interact with students, and to see our careers through their eyes.

Chef Brian Renz Career Fair

EV-W alum Brian Renz talked with students about careers in the culinary arts. Renz has spent many years as a chef, and his career has taken him around the world.

A big “thank you” to Susan Knutson, Jeanne Geislinger, and the EV-W Career Fair Committee for putting this all together, and to the staff and students of EV-W for being such welcoming hosts.

Editor’s Note: Yes, I was one of the presenters. It was a wonderful experience. I encourage everyone to participate in such an event wherever and whenever you can.

Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.