Chef Chris Murray Exposes Local Students To New Cuisines!

Your kids shouldn’t only love chicken nuggets and french fries, but also different cuisines. Students at James Williams Middle School have a special lunch Wednesday. In an effort to get students to try new foods, the Rhinelander School District, and Taher, Inc.– the food management company, contracted with the district to introduced new cuisines to students.

Taher’s cooperate chefs are sent to the school in winter and spring to introduce new foods. Students will enjoy the Vietnamese Bun Cha with grilled chicken, noodles, and fresh-cut Asian Vegetable Wednesday, Dec. 2. I tried the dish myself, and have to say it was delicious.

New Cuisines With Chef Chris MurrayMurray spent time learning how to cook native dishes in Vietnam and is now bringing that talent to local schools. Murray says it’s rewarding to get kids to try something they may not have before. He believes that kids should be exposed to all foods to see what they like, and they might even like spicy foods, or something else you may not expect.

Murray will be in Tomahawk and Merrill over the next two days.–360014131.html