You’ve had a great relationship with them for years, but time has passed and they have decided to take a much deserved retirement. Now what?

Saying goodbye is tough. Now you have another problem on your hands. How do you replace what was an institution in your School or District? It may be time to move from self-operated to a Food Service Management Solution.

Why A Food Service Management Solution When Your Director Retires?

There are a few reasons for this. Perhaps it’s a hassle you don’t need anymore. Running a school or District is hectic enough. Why add another potential headache to your workload like deciding on a school menu?

Perhaps you don’t really have a clear way forward. The Food Service Director is the heart and soul of the lunchroom and if there isn’t someone ready to take over, that can be a major hurdle.

Where does that put you?

Succeeding Together

You’re probably thinking that Food Service Management Solutions are expensive and won’t keep any of the current staff members. That’s where Taher would surprise you.

Let’s tackle the first concern. Taher has a long history of providing the highest quality food from classically trained chefs, under budget. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when sticking to a strict budget.

Now, let’s look at your second concern after a food service director retires. What will happen to the staff? You’ve grown close to the people that serve you and your students and faculty meals every day.

They can become Taher’s staff, typically with honoring current wages and benefits or they can remain with the District. Everyone wins!

What About The Food?

We strive to bring the highest quality food to our customers and friends. With Taher’s Chef Council, including bringing recipes from all over the world, get ready to experience new, inventive and delicious foods and meals. But will the kids like it?

You bet! Given the chance, kids are adventurous eaters. We have decades of experience knowing what will increase participation in your lunchroom.

Let’s Grow Together

Do you like what you’ve seen here? Find out what Taher can do for you and your District or school. Give us a call at 952-945-0505. Let’s grow together.