Diversity and Inclusivity

Taher, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. But there’s so much more to that phrase than three words. It represents a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. We are pledged to building a community that is safe and accepting of LGBTQ individuals, people of color, minorities, and other underrepresented communities. We pay specific attention diversity, inclusion, and the acceptance and celebration of these differences. Cultural awareness serves as a bridge between those whose paths might not otherwise cross.

Inclusivity signs at Noble Academy

Serving line at Noble Academy, a Taher-operated Foodservice Program

Training & Education

Diversity Training is an essential part of building awareness and a cohesive work environment & cafeteria space for students. Our training program serves to inspire cultural sensitivity in ethnicity, sex, background, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, and age.

Education of future generations is important, but we also have to take responsibility for being agents of change today. We provide Diversity Training for all employees as a part of its onboarding process. Topics around diversity are further addressed during Taher’s Summer Seminar, spanning topics that involve the intersection of diversity and customer service.

We have concrete examples of creating an environment dedicated to diversity and inclusivity. Here’s just one of the notes we’ve received:

Email Sent To Us, April 2017

Hello Simon (Taher’s Executive Chef at St. Paul Academy),

First, thanks so much for all you continue to do to address the variety of dietary needs in our community. As I’ve shared with you often, I am so appreciative of all your thoughtfulness and consideration regarding the diversity of our community at SPA.

I also wanted to bring to your attention a recent activity we did with the whole US student body that directly involved our lovely lunch servers, Regina and Tamika. We surveyed each student using four questions to get a feel for the climate of the community, one of which was to name 5 people who are important to their experience at SPA. the “lunch ladies” were literally on over 90% of the responses (over 400 students), with Regina in particular being named more than any one person in the entire community! Tamika also made the top 5 of specific individuals named (and you were identified several times as well!)

Additionally, another question asked for the top 5 places students felt comfortable in, and the dining hall was also one of the top locations. I feel both of these responses indicate how much Taher has made a significant impact in our community, and again, I’m truly grateful for that. I will be sharing these results with our leadership Team at our next meeting, and just thought you’d want to know as well!

Thanks again for all you do, and have a great weekend!

Karen Dye, Diversity Dean

Like the signs that we feature on this page? You can get them here.