Lake Havasu School District selects new food service company for 2014-15

During its April 8th meeting, the governing board of Lake Havasu Unified School district awarded the district food service contract for 2014-15 to Taher, Inc.Lake Havasu

The district has contracted food service to Aramark for the last 20 years. Even though that relationship has been satisfactory, the law requires that such contracts be reviewed periodically. A district committee recently evaluated food service proposals from three companies (Aramark, Taher, and Southwest Food Service Excellence) and decided that Taher was offering more. The president and founder of Taher, Bruce Taher, attended the governing board meeting and spoke briefly. “I represent,” Taher said, “a group of food people who like to hang around food—primarily fresh food from the local area as much as possible . . . Having a lot of fun with food, that’s our primary focus . . . We like to prepare as much as 60% of our meal from scratch.”

The governing board thanked Aramark for a successful 20-year partnership.