Keeping Kids Fed

Keeping kids fed during the summer can be tough. For far too many children, the meal they received at school was the only meal they ate for the day.

That’s not something that sat well with us. So with some help, we were able to start a mobile café in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. KNSB has more on the story:

The Scottsbluff Public School’s Food Program has become mobile; bringing food options to people of the community and using it to decrease hunger.

This brings another option to the area to where kids and even adults can have food in their stomachs so they won’t go hungry.

“We want to give back into the community and help those kids that usually only receive one meal a day during the week throughout the school year,” explained Justin Grieve, Cook. “We are making sure we are going to be able to get them during the summer as well.”

With helping the community, children between the age of one and 18 eat for absolutely free.

Adults that would like a meal can pay a set fee of $3.85.

The food program will supply between 125 to 150 lunches per day depending on volume and each day, the meal is different.

They say it is a service that is very much needed in the community.

“It’s a need we found in the community and it’s making sure that kids have a meal to eat,” explained Grieve. “That’s the most important thing that we are doing here.”

Keeping Kids Fed Scottsbluff