Nutrition for Men

It’s sometimes difficult for men to admit that they aren’t as young or strong as they used to be. They can remember the glory days of football and baseball trophies and the cognitive dissonance when looking at the gut forming at their midsection can be pretty powerful. New life roles and desk jobs can put nutrition and exercise on the back burner. We’re here to help.

Men presentation

Back To Basics

Starting a nutrition journey isn’t hard. It’s staying on it that’s difficult.

Begin by looking at your portion sizes. Men, especially before middle age, have a tendency to load up on food because “I’m hungry”. Start by cutting back. Instead of going for seconds, stick to just the one plate. Instead of eating all of a burger, cut it in half and take the rest home.

Next, switch out fatty beef for lean proteins like portabella mushrooms or boneless skinless chicken breasts. Fish can also be a good lean source of protein. The best part is you can catch them yourself and as it turns out, fishing is a healthy hobby when done right. Start adding vegetables. Half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables. Also swap out heavy, usually heavy cream filled mashed potatoes for steamed vegetables. Steaming is one of the best ways to cook vegetables indoors. And speaking of other ways to cook meats and vegetables….

men grilling

Grilling is Great!

You can grill anything! Grilling adds a wonderful level of flavor to anything put on the grill. It changes texture, flavor, and gives food those wonderful sear marks that say “Eat me, I taste good”. This harkens back to when people first started cooking food in general, leading to major brain development in early humans. So don’t be afraid to throw potatoes, corn, squash, tomatoes, anything on the grill. You can even grill salad!

Keeping Yourself Heart Healthy

There are important reasons to eat healthily and exercise. Men are more likely to die from heart disease than any other cause of death. This can be avoided by small amounts of aerobic exercise. Taking a break from work and walking a short distance increases creativity and can keep you healthy, even if it’s just a short time. If hitting the gym isn’t your style, try heading out into the wild and try the Woodsman Workout.

Go See A Doctor

Stereotypically, men don’t often go to see their doctor. There are a myriad of reasons men use not to go, but the benefits far outweigh the anxiety or inconvenience of going. Take some time out of your day and get a physical even if you think nothing is wrong. Know your risks and family history of certain diseases and you can make an action plan to try to prevent them.