Bruce Taher is on a mission to share his love of food and culture with area students.

Beginning in November 2023, Bruce Taher, will prepare a beautifully rich and authentic Spanish dish, Paella, for students. Originating in the city of Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Paella is the country’s most iconic and renowned dish. During his visit, he’ll also share stories of his travels to Spain and a shared meal can bring people together.

Kids eat with their eyes. Sharing this dish and the story behind it sparks their curiosity not only about food, but about the world we all call home.

Paella is actually the name of the cooking pan itself, not the dish. The pan is characterized as being large and round with a flat bottom. The height is low for the rice to have maximum contact with the bottom. Bruce travels with traditional paella pans that generate curiosity and excitement as he prepares a delicious combination of chicken, seafood, and chorizo sausage, along with traditional spices.

On this tour, he will share his dish with members of the school community. Over the remainder of the academic year, more than 28,000 students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to try this dish, learn about the Spanish culture and have fun with food.

In 2002, Bruce Taher founded something genuinely unique to the school food service community — the Chef Council —a group of culinary experts who share a passion for food and travel around the world to stay on the forefront of innovative menu items, flavors, and techniques in the culinary field. Every year, he travels with the Chef Council to a foreign country to research new foods and recipes, allowing him to get directly involved in creating fresh menu selections for his customers.

Bruce Taher