How to Prep & Chop 32 Fresh Fruits and Veggies VIDEO!


We totally get that one of the biggest hurdles to eating more veggies is just figuring out the easiest way to prep and chop them. No one wants to come home from a long day of work and spend 30 minutes wrestling with a butternut squash!

To help you with your slicing and dicing, our friends at Cook Smarts are sharing their awesome Fruit and Veggies Prep Guide today.

They’ve created a whole library of videos categorized by fruit and veggie, making it super easy for you to learn the most efficient ways to slice, dice, chop, and even spiralize(!) the whole foods that’ll keep you healthy and glowing for a long time.


Here are just a few of the helpful videos you’ll see over there:

For more great videos, be sure to check out the full Fruit & Veggies Prep GuideJust click on your favorite fruits and veggies to be taken to a library of videos and recipes to help you learn the best way to enjoy them. Healthy has never been so easy (and so fun!).


How to Prep & Chop 32 Fresh Fruits and Veggies VIDEO! ‹ Hello Healthy.