Scottsbluff School Chooses Taher, Inc.!

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Scottsbluff School Board President Ruth Kozal. 

After extensive research and analysis, the Board of Education approved Taher, Inc. as the District’s new food service management company. With the retirement of 38-year Food Service Director, Janeen Pierce, this decision will help to ensure that the quality of nutritional services continues to be a source of pride to our schools as we adapt to the growing demands and changing tastes of today’s market.

BruceTaherBruce Taher, company President and CEO, flew out to Scottsbluff to address the Board last night and spoke to the excitement and anticipation this decision brings to his company. “We will not disappoint you,” Taher promised following the unanimous vote from the Board.

Taher was selected among four competitors all submitting formal proposals. A committee convened to evaluate all the submitted materials and ranked each company on a State developed rubric. Additionally, district staff visited school sites for each of the finalists to provide first-hand feedback regarding food quality, innovation, employee satisfaction, student satisfaction and appeal of the facility. Additionally, such factors as financial stability, promotional materials, experience and extensive reference checking all contributed to the decision.

Taher’s contract begins in August and can be extended on an annual basis. Mr. Taher will meet with the District’s kitchen staff during his visit and the company will be very much involved in the design of the food court that is planned for the new Scottsbluff High School renovation.