Taher’s Newest Adventure… Beekeeping!Taher beekeeping

In the fall of 2014, several of Taher’s corporate chefs led by Chef Chris Loew completed certification and training to become Bee Keepers. Taher built and installed two hives next to the Taher Farm property and began caring for the bees.

Beekeeping and placing the bees next to the farm was not only a matter of convenience but also one of synergy – having bees nearby helps to pollinate plants and feeds the bees!

What Is Happening To The Bees?

Bees play a keystone role in the agricultural production and the beauty of our world through the pollination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flowers. The disruption of natural habitats leading to a lack of “bee flowers”, the widespread overuse of pesticides, and numerous bee diseases and parasites have pushed honey bees to the tipping point. This honey bee crisis is broadly termed Colony Collapse Disorder. Our native bees are also in decline due to unprecedented habitat loss, pesticide contamination, and their own diseases.

It is not yet scientifically clear if any one parasite or disease causes the decline of honey bees. A number of factors can make bees more vulnerable and weaken their immune systems, factors such as starvation from lack of foraging on a diversity of healthy plants, pesticides, herbicides, monoculture, poor beekeeping practices and global climate change.

What Else Can Be Done?

Here are some ways that you too can help support strong bee colonies: