Taher, Inc. Commits To Animal Welfare

Taher, Inc. is committed to animal welfare, humane treatment of animals, and sustainability. We take this collaborative responsibility as seriously as we take every other promise we’ve made to our customers and friends. We source the highest quality ingredients and when possible, sourcing from local vendors and small businesses. This is how we’re able to provide the freshest food from a chef-driven perspective.

Taher recognizes its role in changing the world, one customer at a time. We are proud to offer a complete portfolio of sustainability programs. We all share this earth and together we can solve the environmental issues we face. Therefore, as a leader in the Food Service industry, Taher has developed and implemented innovative policies, systems, and programs that encourage responsible and sustainable practices.

In accordance with these practices, by 2024 Taher will be sourcing broiler chickens only from collaborative producers certified by Global Animal Partnership much like we already do with fish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.  We know these small changes lead to an overall healthier, sustainable, more humane planet.