Flames and cooking at Indiana Government Center

Taher, Inc. Gets A Glowing Review!

Rick Ruble, Commissioner of Labor for the State of Indiana, gave a glowing review in a phone call yesterday to Taher’s Digital Media Director.

In a 45-minute phone call extolling the amazing food and customer service, he had plenty to say about being in the public sector and the horrible food, leaving for the private sector, then returning to public service and the complete turnaround offered by Taher.

“I’ll be honest, it was a total 180-degree turnaround from the previous food service management contract. In the 10 years I was there, going to the cafeteria was a last resort if you were snowed in or a storm wouldn’t let you leave. Even then you’d consider going without lunch.”

He continued with a look at the day ahead. “I usually get here early after having oatmeal and an orange juice at home. I’ll head down to the cafeteria and get some nice light scrambled eggs. But there’s such a variety! It’s pretty great.”

Customer Service Is A Breaded Tenderloin

One story, in particular, stuck out to him in his interaction with Taher and its employees. “I’ll tell you, Hoosiers love their breaded tenderloins. So I was craving them one day, which one does 3-4 times a year, and I asked the grill cook ‘Do you have any breaded tenderloins today?’ and he answered ‘No sir, there aren’t any on the menu today.’ I was disappointed but had some of the other fantastic food you serve. Next day I came back and asked the gentleman ‘Do you have any breaded tenderloins today?’ and again he said ‘No sir, there aren’t any on the menu today.’ Well, the third day I went down and he came from behind his counter, pulled me aside, and said ‘Sir, you asked for breaded tenderloins so I’ve ordered a bunch and we’ll be hand breading them. No machine breaded stuff here.’ Well, I’ll tell you, I was floored. And I told him I’ll be the first in line for them! I ran back to my office and sent an email to everyone I knew about the days the breaded tenderloin would be there. The day came and there were three people in line ahead of me waiting for him to open the doors! And I’ll tell you, it was one of the best breaded tenderloins I’ve had. I went out into the hallway and started telling people to try it! No one should miss out on a tenderloin that good.”

Putting On A Show

Rick continued about the kind and lively employees at the Indiana Government Center. “If they ever have a bad day, you’d never know it. Every single day they are kind and engrossing while you’re waiting for your food. The leader always has a smile on his face, is polite and adds flair to everything he does. And makes a mighty fine cashew chicken.” He kept going on about the values that Taher employees show every single day. “Every single day they are polite and pleasant. They have a captive audience and it entices them to come back and I’ll be honest, it’s refreshing. Government work can be a bit hectic for some folks.”

Variety Is The Spice Of The Café

Rick began to go on about the different kinds of food available. “I’ll be honest, I love me some cashew chicken and you guys make some of the best. I like the options though. There are a lot of healthy options and you can get a home-cooked meal, there’s chicken, there’s burgers, and it’s all really good. Not a misstep.”