Food at the Minnesota Capitol just got fresher and faster.

Fresh Sandwiches at the Minnesota Capitol

Fresh Sandwiches at the Minnesota Capitol

Food, Fast And Fresh

People hate to wait. For food especially. So the Taher management team took a face paced, retail-focused approach to the Rathskeller café experience to solve that problem. Food would be made shortly before a planned rush and available before the guest walked in. Nothing more than a few minutes old, everything ready to go.

With Taher’s years spent in food service management, how did the first few days of the busy legislative session go for legislators and guests?

Smooth Operator

In short, amazing. After a few bumps coming from people used to the old system, the traffic flow was recognized and things ran smoothly.

Paul David, Taher’s Capitol General Manager has this to say:

I am thrilled with the smooth opening of the Fresh Seasons Café at the Rathskeller in the Minnesota State Capitol.  We are pioneering and exciting new concept with Chef Selected Fresh & Fast food.  Come get your favorite just-made Butcher Burger ready for you to top and take to your next meeting!  Enjoy a locally made Kombucha while you enjoy a cup of Wild Rice Soup while you take in the art at the Rathskeller café. 

 We opened to rave reviews from legislators stating the quick ready-to-go concept is what the café needs to be for the fast pace of legislators and their staff.

Taher Chef Matt Quist also had some words about the new, exciting concept:

“All of this is built for speed and convenience without sacrificing freshness. Time and temperatures are constantly monitored. It’s all made fresh for you before you walk in. We especially love using Bakersfield buns and Lowry Hill Meats for the Butcher Burger.”

Check out some of the pics of the new concept!

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