Taher Welcomes Students, Faculty & Staff Back To School With Local Produce

The best vegetables and produce are local. And it doesn’t get more local than your district and school. That’s why we’ve taken huge steps to help plant gardens at local schools.

They are so important and essential to a good lunch room operation, the USDA gives tips on how to get them started in your school.

Where are these programs succeeding? We’ll take you on a tour of some of the schools that are growing vegetables and are incorporating them into their Taher operated lunchrooms.

Our first stop is Benilde-St. Margaret’s, where the cucumbers and tomatoes made their way into a wonderful dill cucumber tomato salad.

Local produce in Dill cucumber tomato salad

Our next stop is in Horicon, WI, where fresh herbs were delivered by Chef Irene Pawlisch.

Taher plants herbs

Delivering herbs to Horicon

Our final stop is Blooming Prairie, MN where we not only source local produce, we also source the single steer beef for our Butcher Burgers from the area.

Taher plants School garden

This is just a small sample of the local produce that is sourced and included in Taher’s lunchroom operations. Fresh, local food has been in our DNA since the very beginning. We were one of the first to source produce locally, put chefs in schools, and are continuing to lead the food service industry into the future of food.