Broiler Chicken Facts

Taher has been committed to animal welfare, the humane treatment of animals, and sustainable sourcing practices since the very beginning. That’s why we’ve collaboratively worked with animal welfare groups and on our own to improve animal welfare and the sustainability process, including for broiler chickens.

Taher recognizes its role in changing the world, one customer at a time. We are proud to offer a complete portfolio of sustainability programs. We all share this earth and together we can solve the environmental issues we face. Therefore, as a leader in the Food Service industry, Taher has developed and implemented innovative policies, systems, and programs that encourage responsible and sustainable practices.

Farm broiler chicken

Truth From Taher

  • Taher has an industry leading animal welfare policy including our sourcing of broiler chickens. Read it here.
  • Changing the food system requires the cooperation and collaboration of many different partners at all levels along the chain. That’s why we’re committed to doing our part and sourcing not only all meat from humane and sustainable producers, we’ve committed to specifically sourcing broiler chickens only from collaborative producers certified by Global Animal Partnership by 2024.
  • False, dishonest information about Taher’s commitment to animal welfare is being disseminated by the Humane League.
  • Despite the inability to identify Taher’s involvement in their allegations, the Humane League continued to harass senior members of Taher with threats to launch a malicious and dishonest campaign.
  • After agreeing to clarify Taher’s broader animal welfare policy to include verbiage specific to broiler chickens, The Humane League launched a malicious and dishonest campaign.
  • We applaud and happily work with many groups when animal welfare issues are brought to light, working proactively and collaboratively when an issue may arise. Unfortunately, the Humane League has not been a collaborative partner in that process.

How We’ve Followed Through

We at Taher believe that Yes is nothing without How. Here are the concrete steps we’ve taken to make our impact on food systems more sustainable and humane.

  • All of the pollock fish we source is line caught and sourced through Trident Seafood. Read their sustainability pledge here.
  • When fish is sourced elsewhere, we make sure they follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program guidelines.
  • We are committed to sourcing broiler chickens (chickens used for their meat) from only collaborative producers certified by Global Animal Partnership by 2024.
  • We continue to work other food suppliers and bring the industry as a whole to a more sustainable, healthy, and humane future.