Chef Christina

Chef Spotlight: Chef Christina Oswald

Chef Christina Oswald, SNS is a member of the Taher Chef Council…
Chris Murray in Morocco

Chef Spotlight: Chef Chris Murray

Horses, Harleys, and Home Cooking Chef Chris Murray has been…

Prenatal Nutrition

Chef Matt Quist prepping

Chef Spotlight: Chef Matt Quist

Chef Matt Quist is a member of Taher's Chef Council and loves…
Brian Renz at a school

Chef Spotlight: Chef Brian Renz

Chef Brian Chef Brian Renz has been a member of the Taher Chef…
Oak Ridge Pizza Oven

Taher, Inc Opens New Cafeteria at Oak Ridge National Laboratory!

  In one weekend, we added a new section to the Taher…

What Happens to Your Body (and Metabolism) When You Don’t Sleep Enough?

There’s no question that sleep deprivation is an American epidemic, a third of the country don't sleep enough... getting less shut-eye than the recommended 7 to 9 hours per night, according to recent research

The Trip Ends. Taher Chef Trip 2016.

The Taher Chef Trip ends... now the long trip home! &nb…