Jayme Sundby from Taher Inc. on KCHA News

Introducing New Food Service Program at The Charles City School District!

Charles City, Iowa – The Charles City School District will be implementing a new food service program for the upcoming school year.

Taher School Lunch Management, based out of Minneapolis, has been contracted to manage the school lunch program.

Taher district manager Jayme Sundby talks about what the company does.

Sundby talked about the changes both the elementary grades and at the middle school and high school levels.

Sundby gave some examples of menus.

Sundby said all current food service staff has been retained as Charles City School District employees.

More information about the food program will be available on the school website, charlescityschools.org.


KCHA Link: http://kchanews.com/2016/07/09/cc-schools-introduces-new-food-service-program/