Oak Ridge Pizza Oven

Taher, Inc Opens New Cafeteria at Oak Ridge National Laboratory!

Oak Ridge Panorama


In one weekend, we added a new section to the Taher family. Taher, Inc. opened the cafeteria at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a world-leading facility specializing in scientific discovery and clean energy.

Taher is operating four Cafés and two Micro Markets at the facility with lots of new features. Nearly 6000 scientists and faculty at Oak Ridge are going to be able to enjoy smoked Tennessee BBQ, wood fired pizza, fresh stir fry, and lots of other new and different foods inspired by the chefs’ trips around the globe.

Getting ready for Day One

Chef Council Member Matt Quist spent plenty of time in Oak Ridge setting it up and getting ready. The staff was trained, signs put up and they even did some jumping jacks to get ready for day one!


Catering Convoy

Maintaining the level of service that Oak Ridge employees expect requires two vans running full time across the twelve-mile campus. The vans do everything from delivering new Micro Market items to catering events that occur across the complex. Here’s a photo of a Taher team member getting a jerk chicken meal ready for one of those catered events!




As soon as the facility opened, the entire campus was ecstatic about the new selections of food. News of the new facility traveled across campus quickly and the quality of the food was lauded by everyone that tasted it!

A Grand Opening occurred on February 20th and 21st, 2017.

Check out some of the pics from the first few weeks below!


Oak Ridge Brisket Sandwiches