Looking for a Guide to Enjoying Vegetables?

At Cook Smarts, we love creating infographics that help people cook and live healthier. It’s like having artwork that also teaches you something!

Our most popular infographic by far has been our Guide to Enjoying Vegetables because everybody needs new ideas for cooking up these fiber and vitamin-packed whole foods.

Guide to Enjoying Vegetables

We feature your most commonly used veggies (hope you’ll excuse the veggie categorization of tomatoes), and the best ways to enjoy them from this list of 8: sauteing, steaming, roasting, boiling, microwaving, pureeing into soups, incorporating into salads, and even as veggie noodles.

This is such a great resource to print out and put on your fridge whenever you need some healthy inspiration. Download and print this free, handy graphic here.

We’d love to see you try every combination on this graphic for a year of endless veggie enjoyment!