A Taste Of The Orient Comes To Jackson High!

JACKSON, MI — High school students had a unique taste of the orient option on their lunch menu Friday morning.

Along with the regular pizza and salad bar, students could also sample a taste of the far east with Korean pork nachos. Visiting Chef Brian Renz traveled from Minnesota to help prepare the dish. Renz visits Jackson High at least twice a year to make special meals with the kitchen staff. The company he works for, Taher Inc., is the food service provider for the school.

Renz belongs to a group that is called the Chef Council of Taher. Together they travel the world and learn how to cook various dishes. Renz said that the combination of visiting Korea three years ago, along with seeing a food truck offering Korean tacos in the states inspired him to create the meal.

And, knowing most kids like nachos convinced Renz it would be a good combination.

“We just want them to try things that they would not normally have,” Renz said.

The lunch given consisted of kimchi, pork shoulder, Korean pepper paste with a sweet sauce and tortilla chips.

Denzel Williams, a freshman at Jackson High, said he always likes to try something new — and it helped that the nachos were spicy.

Renz said he was surprised that students really like food with a bit more bite in it.

“The thing that I’m noticing, whether it’s older elementary kids or middle schoolers, they all enjoy things that are a little more hot and spicy. More so than when I was growing up as a child,” he said