Here’s a hint.

It’s a protein.

The only protein we eat before its born and after.

The egg.

The Egg. One Shell Of A Food.

An egg is the perfect food. It is the most versatile food.

Here’s why.

Eggs have the ability to be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They can be added to or be the main component in appetizers, sides, main courses, desserts, and any dish in between. Its unique structure of healthy fats and protein make it a worthy addition to the pantheon of food staples.

Fried egg

How To Cook The Perfect Fried Egg

“If I want to see how good technically a chef is, I would ask them to do an omelet.” – Jaques Pepin

Cooking an egg is the ultimate test of a chef. It is the perfect teaching food.

At Taher’s Summer Seminar, we put our Chef Council to the test to fry the most perfect eggs in 3 minutes. The winners were Chef Brian Renz and Chef Eric Rudelius-Palmer with an interesting strategy. One that went against traditional culinary school teaching. Here’s what Chef Brian had to say:

Well, the way we did it went against a bit of what I was taught in culinary school. They say you’re supposed to have fully melted butter before cooking, but if you want that perfect circle egg shape, use oil and have your pan a little bit colder than cooking an omelet. And just leave it alone! People play with their food too much. The food won’t sear, it won’t bake properly, and in this case, won’t have that perfect egg shape.

Egg history is human history. Eggs have been used in every culture, every time period. They have been consumed since pre-history with evidence dating back to 7500 BCE. It has been food and revered for the ability to give life, a mythological experience through the ages. In many pre-Western cultures, the egg was seen as giving birth to the Universe playing a huge role in many creation myths. They are that important to early civilization.

The egg has been with humanity since the beginning. And with eggs in your kitchen you’ll have the most incredible, versatile foods at your disposal in creating any recipe.