Harvest of the Month with Taher Food Service

Tomahawk Students get to Sample Rutabaga with Harvest of the Month!

Harvest of the Month with Taher Food ServiceSome northwoods students will get a chance to experience a menu item that sounds more in place on a high end restaurant menu.

Its all part of the Harvest of the Month program by Taher Food Services. We heard from Dustin Tessmer, the food service director at the Tomahawk School District.

He says that along with the normal meal, they will be getting a sample of honey mint rutabaga. The “Harvest of the Month” program promotes different fruits, vegetables, herbs and legumes throughout the school year bringing along fun facts and nutritional information.

According to Taher, rutabaga comes from the Swedish word for round root, and the vitamin packed veggie is believed to be a cross between a turnip and cabbage.

Honey Mint Rutabaga on the menu today.