Bringing in School Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Beginning the day with a healthy meal is one of the best ways to promote and keep a healthy lifestyle. But why should you implement the program and offer school breakfast?

Offering School breakfast

Where Breakfast Meets The Road

Here is a really compelling reason to offer breakfast either before the bell or after. Students perform better on cognitive tasks and test better than their peers who don’t have breakfast in the morning. And not just a little bit. A study from the National Institute of Health clocked test performance increases near 10% and other related markers even higher. Tardiness went down, disciplinary referrals went down significantly, and there were fewer visits to the school nurse.

All by adding one meal in the morning? Yes! Food is not just for sustenance, it is also a way to share and bond with other people. We’ve talked about it extensively. Sharing the same food builds trust and reinforces the feeling of belonging. It’s incredibly important when building a successful school or District.

Tons Of Benefits, Tons Of Options

There are multiple different ways to implement School breakfast and make it successful. If you’re interested in learning more about the options and how to make it successful, enter your email below!