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Chef Josh Lankford

Chef Josh Lankford

Meet Chef Josh, a culinary professional whose journey began with service to the United States Air Force. Following his dedicated service to his country, Chef Josh’s culinary career took flight, marking the inception of a remarkable adventure.

During the day, Chef Josh pursued his Associates degree in Culinary Arts, laying the foundation for his culinary expertise. By night, he showcased his skills as a Teppanyaki Chef, infusing creativity and precision into each culinary creation. This dual commitment exemplified Chef Josh’s dedication and passion for the culinary arts.

Chef Josh’s diverse culinary experience spans across Fine dining, Country Clubs, and K-12 settings, where he discovered a profound passion for working with children. For the past 13 years, Chef Josh has been deeply involved in collaborating with school districts across the United States, contributing his culinary expertise to create nourishing and appealing meals for students.

“I found my passion when I started serving children. Being hungry shouldn’t be the reason of not gaining knowledge.”

“We are more than just putting food on a plate, I want to create a culinary experience.”

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