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Chef Council

Eric Rudelius-Palmer - Corporate Chef

Chef Eric Rudelius-Palmer

Meet Chef Eric, a distinguished and classically trained French Chef with roots tracing back to Spain and upbringing in the culinary haven of France. Leading the culinary charge for all of Taher’s Farm Dinners, Chef Eric is a visionary behind the delectable experiences that unfold on our plates. With a commitment to excellence, he also takes on the role of a mentor, shaping the next generation of chefs who aspire to follow in his culinary footsteps.

Chef Eric’s culinary odyssey commenced at the age of 13, embarking on an apprenticeship in the kitchens of France. This formative period allowed him to delve into the intricacies of the foods he holds dear to his heart. His culinary journey eventually led him across the Atlantic to the United States, where he found his professional home within Taher and its esteemed Chef Council.

Having been an integral member of the Chef Council for over a decade, Chef Eric thrives on the joy of sharing his profound knowledge of French cuisine and his unwavering passion for flavors. Whether collaborating with fellow chefs or delighting customers with his culinary creations, Chef Eric stands as Taher’s “restaurant guru,” elevating the art of dining to new heights.

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